Alesand A new contemporary font family designed with balance and versatility. The addition with outline and extrude font styles, makes it very simple to coat these fonts together perfectly. Simply duplicate the “Extra Bold” layer and change the setting to “Outline, Extrude”, and the type will be automatically offset for you!

Free File:
Alesand Reguler.ttf

Web File:
Alesand Reguler.eot
Alesand Reguler.woff
Alesand Reguler.woff2

Premium File:
Alesand Light.ttf/otf
Alesand Reguler.ttf/otf
Alesand Bold.ttf/otf
Alesand Extra Bold.ttf/otf
Alesand Extra Extrude.ttf/otf
Alesand Extra Outline.ttf/otf
Alesand Extra Round.ttf/otf

Seven font files (Light, Regular, Bold, Extra Bold, Rounded, Extrude and Outline)
Uppercase Letters, Numbers + Punctuation
And supports international communication extending to Western languages. Perfect for displays, headers, invitations, save the dates, weddings, brand creation, graphic design and so much more, Alesand will become a playful staple in your font library!

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